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Tulsa (12/1/2008) – There’s a new, convenient way for people who support Joseph Adetula Foundation ( to fund the nonprofit group’s work. And it fits in a wallet.

Joseph Adetula Foundation and CardPartner, Inc. ( have joined forces to launch the Joseph Adetula Foundation Visa affinity credit card. When a cardholder activates the card, Joseph Adetula Foundation receives $50. Then once a month for the life of the program, Joseph Adetula Foundation receives a check for a portion of every dollar that every cardholder charges.
‘Using the Joseph Adetula Foundation Visa affinity credit card for everyday purchases is an easy way for supporters to (briefly describe your organization’s main goal),’ said Dayo Adetula.
The Joseph Adetula Foundation Visa Platinum card offers qualified cardholders exceptional benefits:
• 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first six months
• Purchase protection
• Zero liability protection for unauthorized purchases
• Emergency cash and card replacement
• Lost/stolen card reporting service
• 24-hour roadside assistance
• Warranty manager service
• Lost luggage replacement
Find out more about the Joseph Adetula Foundation Visa Platinum card by visiting
About CardPartner

CardPartner, Inc. ( is an online company that specializes in helping smaller U.S.-based membership organizations and charities
create affinity credit card programs. CardPartner is a unit of the privately held Serverside Group, a technology provider to many of the world’s leading
banks. Visa cards offered through CardPartner are issued by UMB Bank, n.a., headquartered in Kansas City, MO. UMB Bank approves credit decisions,
grants credit, and manages the administration and cardholder service for card programs by CardPartner.

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Justice for Joseph Adetula and His Family

Joseph Adetula was a young man in his prime. He had many dreams and ambitions. He was a helpful person and often did chores for his parents. Little did his family expect that the fourth of July, 2005 would be the last time they would see him alive. Joseph was brutally murdered in a drive by shooting on his way home from the convenience store that day.

In spite of the help of the police, the Adetula family has not yet achieved closure. They cannot get over their grief because their son’s murderer or murderers are still walking around, free to kill another person. They have not been brought to justice.

Investigation by Detective Jeff Felton has shown that Joseph was shot in a drive by shooting by individuals riding in a gold Cadillac. He was shot nine times in the upper torso, which resulted in his death. Though no arrests have been made, the police have had word that there may have been bad blood between Joseph and his killers.

Another source of pain for the family is that their request for compensation as the victim’s family has been denied. The Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Board states that the Adetula family is not qualified to receive compensation because the victim displayed contributory conduct by engaging in illegal activity (marijuana possession). Contributory conduct, according to the Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Board, is any decision or behavior on the victim’s part that contributed to the situation leading up to the crime. Examples they say may include intoxication, fighting, using poor judgment and membership in a gang, among others.

Mr. Dayo Adetula cannot understand why their petition has been denied. He has checked the criteria for eligibility and feels that his son did nothing that disqualifies them. There have been no signs that this crime was anything other than a bunch of kids senselessly killing his son. The board has insufficient evidence to deny their claim because up to now, Joseph’s murderers have not been caught.

The Adetula family has cooperated with every aspect of the investigation. They have done everything that the police  have asked of them. Their son did not do anything to deserve being shot. Walking down the street does not contribute to a crime.

Joseph Adetula was not part of gang. He was not intoxicated. Nor was he under the influence of drugs at the time of his death. He did not sell drugs. In fact, although a small baggie of marijuana was found in his pocket at the time of his death, Detective Felton says that it appears consistent with personal use nothing more.

The crime here is murder, not drug possession. The drug is irrelevant to this crime.  The police themselves have verified that Joseph was not a drug pusher – he did not have the kind of money a drug dealer would require. Joseph’s killers are unknown to his family. If they knew, they’d have had them arrested already.

Joseph is the victims here. Yet they are made to feel like it is Joseph’s fault. Where is the justice for Joseph Adetula and his family?

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Joseph Adetula 1986-2005

Making a Difference

It’s the 4th of July, 2005 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is a night for celebration in most homes. It’s a time when most families are happily enjoying each other’s company. This is not true for the family of Dayo Adetula. This night, tragedy has touched his family.His son, Joseph, was walking home from the convenience store. He never made it there. He was shot nine times by unknown killers at approximately 8:40 pm. His life was abruptly ended at the prime of his life. Joseph was eighteen when he passed away.It is a nightmare that his loving family has yet to recover from. They are unable to get over their grief because to this date their son’s killers have not been identified. All they could find out was that the killers used a tan or gold vehicle. There have been witnesses to come forward and help them find out who did this. The police have also been unable to make much headway in this case with so little evidence and no one who can give more information on what actually happened. Detective Jeff Felton has asked anybody with any knowledge that may help the police to close this case to please contact him. They are guaranteed anonymity so that they need not be afraid to talk and help bring these people to justice.What makes the families grief even harder to bear is hearing news such as the case against Mr. James Yang, who has been charged with animal cruelty in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Here, even with all the evidence showing that he was doing nothing more than protecting his property, Mr. Yang is facing trial on September 13, 2006 for shooting 2 dogs that trespassed on his property and were harassing his livestock in the middle of the night late in March.So much attention was given to the death of the two dogs that Mr. James Yang may end up in prison, justly or not. Joseph Adetula is a person, not a dog, yet no one will pay for the crime. The killers continue to roam free, justice un-served.Losing a loved one is never easy, human or animal, but aren’t our children more precious to us than our pets? There is no greater pain to a parent than losing the child that they thought would outlive them. It is difficult enough to deal with losing them, but when they are lost so senselessly, so abruptly – no words can express the depths of their sorrow.Joseph Adetula was the victim of a senseless, violent crime – a drive by shooting. His killers are most likely also in their teens. That is another tragedy – that the children are growing up to believe violence is ok.The Adetula family has created the Joseph Adetula foundation that aims to turn young people into the positive leaders of their communities by helping them achieve positive futures by showing them how much the youth matters; and how to avoid the negative things tempting them everyday. The foundation also aims to help other victims and families heal from similar tragedies, as they too grieve and try to make a difference through their son’s loss. .For every hurt there is a helper

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Hello world!

 Joseph Adetula Foundation Donation : Dedicated to stopping the violence that is killing and imprisoning our young people. To turn young people into the positive leaders of their communities. We want to show them how much they matter. Our mission is to show our youth the positive futures they could have if they avoid all the negative things around them, and then help them seize those futures.

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